Welcome to the American Gulf Bilingual School. AGBS is a private, non-profit school driven by learning-students. It was opened in 2015.  It is situated in a bright, welcoming building within spacious grounds that offers ample parking and excellent indoor and outdoor facilities. AGBS is a vibrant community deeply rooted in a culture of kindness.  It offers an enriched American curriculum to students of all nationalities. Beyond its rigorous academic program, AGBS prepares students to lead successful lives through the exceptional diversity of its community and the extra-curricular experiences that contribute to the development of the person. With the right approach children learn willingly. American Gulf Bilingual School student is taught in a way that does not force him into learning, yet encourages the maximum response.  We are always very positive towards the students giving lots of encouragement, continued belief in themselves and their abilities. At AGBS we aim to ensure your child's experiences as one of our teaching techniques is to provide an environment where it feels like a ''home away from home'' for your child. American GulfBilingual School is a place where your children can be themselves; where learning is fun, full of interesting things to do; where your child can grow knowing his/her belongs and that he/she is special.

The culture of AGBS is one of partnership of faculty, parents and students, as we work together to provide an exceptional environment for student learning and development. We are committed to enable strengths and ambitions to flourish their future. At AGBS we believe in the individuality and uniqueness of every child, and therefore strive to create an environment that stimulates and prepares them for life. An environment that is full of happiness thatallows each child to grow in a confidentenvironment to become an individual who cares about others and the world we live in. In a challenging learning environment and in partnership with parents we empower students to define and shape their future.

Empowered and independent learning is a hallmark of AGBS Education. We offer an education for life giving our students the knowledge skills and values they need to create their own success as thoughtful and confident individuals in the world beyond. At AGBS, we take our responsibility of education, care, and welfare of each child very seriously as we help to establish the cornerstones that support the growth of life-long learners and ultimately, future strong, positive and productive contributors to the communities they live in.